Me, Carmen La Tanik

I lived in the Netherlands and Spain, where I was part of the Circus Space Collective in Nijmegen and later Estreyarte in Granada. I am an autodidact and have attended many seminars and courses over the years that have influenced my work: for example physical theater with Loco Brusca and Conejo, Burlesque with Karmella Siller; Street theater with Chacovachi, Peter Weyel and Dosperillas; Comedy with Renate Coch; Acrobatics with Miguel Moreno, Andy Hughes Pereyra and Enric Petit. At the moment I live in Germany where I constantly evelop myself and work mainly with my show Salon Desastre as well as with the everyday madness of self-employment... sooo my website is not the most beautiful, but honest and concrete - just like the street theater itself.


Click here  for the interview "The Street as a Stage" with Carmen La Tanik, published in Trottoir Magazine for Street Theater 2018. (German language)

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