Take a pile of hula hoops, a flying hat, a tray, as well as a lot of dance, circus, audacity and elegance. This show turns the street into a glamorous saloon. This is where the sophisticated La Tanik sets the tone without mincing her words. In an atmosphere of Cabaret and the splendour of earlier times, La Tanik dismantles conventional gender roles, not without using them herself. Enjoy the bittersweet flavour, part savoury part sweet with its fascinating charm heading straight for disaster!

Suitable for this: white wine, dry. Cheers!

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This is what people say about "Salon Desastre":

Organizer (Hutfestival, Chemnitz): "La Tanik has chosen the perfect volunteers to assist... great entertainment!"

Presentator (Gütersloh, Straßenfiffi): "...an extraordinary street show. The artist transforms the street into a cabaret stage. The elegance of her hula-hoop performances only seems to contradict her original comedy."

Volunteer (Platzda, Karlsuhe): "The performance was a special and lasting experience not only for me but also for the audience. I have experienced and enjoyed the contact to the world of acrobatics and cabaret.“

Audience (Pflasterspektakel, Linz) : "The performance itself, the interaction, incredible skills paired with creativity, courage, joke and consistency at all levels ...great!"

Press (Varieté am Fluss, Betzdorf): "The audience laughs with tears at the appearance of street artist "La Tanik". She lets three men from the audience dance to their tune. The gentlemen have come as unsuspecting visitors  and become main actors on stage. The audience is freaking out"